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Unca Myke
22 March 1981
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Welcome to a world where horridness is the order of the day. Where being rejected is the basis of any relationship. Where desperation is the main driving force. Yes, welcome to Myke's life.

Myke is a Houston-born, Chicago-raised, black trenchcoat wearing, punk-rocking, freaky-assed, Rocky Horroring, Role-playing, dork. Finally escaped from scenic Hell (Houston), he is working on the second part of the plan, namely to live a life where he can enjoy the simple things in life (special brownies, vodka, Camel Wides), and avoid the bad things (everything in my current life). Caught your interest yet? Wait, I'm not done.


Constantly being shitted upon by every and any divine being you can imagine, Myke has adopted a "fuck it" approach to problems. Most of the time it works. Sadly, this approach can lead to only one conclusion, abducting by the government for not being "American" and dropping dead of a so called "heart attack."

A popular theory is that he's descended from aliens. This could be true, his father hails from Roswell, New Mexico, 3 days after the Incident.

Myke likes to babble about such wonderful topics as his love life (usually none), his being rejected (too much of that), and stupid people. His journal is mostly public, but in order to truly learn who Myke is, you need the "Full Myke Experience." Yes, for the paltry sum of having an interesting journal and adding me as a friend, you will recieve this wonderful package which gives you a closer look into the mind of this odd manic-depressive freak. Morons need not apply.

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Date Created:2001-02-18
Number of Posts: 763

Myke is a crazy, odd person. He wanders around in a cloud of confusion and cigarette smoke. He also has a horrible love affair with coffee.
Strengths: Able to leave reality with a single toke, able to write decent poetry, smart
Weaknesses: Returns to reality when the tokes run out, easily bored
Special Skills: Ti-Kwan-Leap! Drinking too much! The abilty to make anything into a smoking implement
Weapons: Boot to the head! Smoke cloud of confusion! Babbling! Budda Belly Bump!
Items of Power: Guinness, Camel Wide Lights, The wonderful green, coffee

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